Government released Garcevic from the position of acting general director of the Directorate for NATO

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Government of Montenegro, at today’s session, released Vesko Garcevic from the position of the acting general director of the General directorate for NATO and security politics in Ministry of foreign affairs and European integrations.

As it was stated in the decision, Garcevic’s mandate is terminated upon his own request.

Garcevic filed this request stating private reasons as a cause.

Vesko Garcevic was named a national coordinator for NATO in February of 2015. Previously (2010-2015) he was a chief of mission of Montenegro in NATO and ambassador of Montenegro in Belgium on residential basis and in Netherlands and Luxembourg on non-residential basis.

Before that he was a political director in Ministry of foreign affairs of Montenegro (2009-2010) and ambassador in Austria and OSCE in Vienna (2006-2008). He is a member of the negotiating team of Montenegrin government for Prevlaka.

In the period before renewal of Montenegrin independence, Vesko Garcevic was the ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro in OSCE and other international organizations in Vienna (2004-2006) and covered several diplomatic positions in ministry and diplomatic missions in several countries.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro