Government split, but all the responsibility to Djukanovic

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Statement of the prime minister and president of DPS Milo Djukanovic, published two years ago, that his party is ready to split the responsibility, not only has become tangible after the agreement with the opposition but can be seen in the lineup of the Government.

Out of 24 minister positions in the government, 12 belong to non-members of Democratic party of socialists. Out of six vice presidents, four belong to other parties.

This division of responsibilities is not perceived by everyone the same way. Member of civic omvement URA Nedjeljko Rudovic says: “We don’t have a healthy system, nor free elections, nor representatives who fight for people’s rights. We have a show for the public when it comes to our system, which is wounded by corruption. Currently what we have is an imitation of multi-party system”.

“That is why we cannot talk about shared responsibility. The role of the ‘troika’ is not to implement DPS policies but to have control function in order to prevent abuses, and DPS is controlling all important processes in the country”, concluded Rudovic.

On the other hand, parliament member from the ruling party Miodrag Vukovic said that we cannot have two sides in the government and only one carrying responsibility.

“This means that although the government was created unusually via a political agreement and ministers from opposition parties joined as well as NGO representatives, there is no splitting the responsibility. The responsibility is of the whole government. Individuals cannot be protected from the responsibility and say: We’re the government within the government, and we have no responsibility for what’s happening”, concluded Vukovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro