Government to Parliament: Give up the financial obligations



Government recommended to the Parliament to withdraw the Law on Settlement of Obligations and Claim to workers of the Aluminum Plant (KAP), which due to bankruptcy are entitled to a pension, because it brings into a disadvantageous position large numbers of employees who exercised those rights earlier.

The Government proposed that, if the solution, it assess unprincipled and problematic from the fiscal sustainability viewpoint, persists it should also provide that this right applies to pensioners of Bauxite Mines, Montevar Metalac, Piva Electrode Plant (FEP), Derivative and Forges.

The law, adopted in July last year, provides payment of the severances for 420 KAP pensioners worth 5.45 million Euros.

“Given the fact that the only social program for employees of KAP specifies – solving problems of surplus employees in the company, Processing and Forge does not apply to workers who for any reason became eligible for a pension and are employed with the new owner of these companies, the possibility of using the rights based on social programs for workers who are entitled to a pension is excluded,“ concluded the Secretary General of the Government Zarko Sturanovic.

The Law, he also writes, has a discriminatory character, because it puts at a disadvantage workers of other Montenegrin companies, which had previously acquired the right to a pension on the same basis, so its implementation would cause justified revolt of former employees of these companies.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro