Govt cars don’t care about red lights, citizens continue to violate traffic regulations

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Despite numerous traffic accidents which recently claimed dozens of lives and the many public warnings and shocking images sent to citizens, especially in the busy capital, local drivers continue to exhibit arrogance and negligence. One driver of Yugo (branded by many automobile connoisseurs “the worst car in the world”) almost cost someone their life, for just 15 meters of “shortcut”. In the same part of the city (across downtown, river Moraca), the driver of an official government’s vehicle speeds through a red light during rush hour.

Careless driver of the infamous Yugo crossed the intersection only to enter the opposite lane, to shorten his way and entered the courtyard of the temple in Podgorica.

“After all the news, warnings, pleads sent to the public to drive more carefully, we still have idiots shortcutting their travel time by a few minutes, at the risk of shortcutting the remainder of someone’s life. Please do something!” – a CdM reader who sent the accompanying footage pleaded with our editors.

Furthermore, around 3 PM today, govt vehicle with license plates PG CG 091 chose to completely ignore the red light at a time when traffic is at its heaviest in Podgorica.

CdM will continue to publish footage and images of arrogant drivers in Montenegro.

If you record such behavior, you can send your photos and videos to our e-mail address or send us a message via our Facebook page.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro