Grabar Kitarović: Croatia to ratify the Protocol swiftly

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Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović said that she would personally make an effort in order for Croatia to ratify Montenegrin Accession Protocol for NATO as soon as possible.

She said she does not believe that the matter of Prevlaka will be a negative influence on Croatia in the process of ratification.

“We made an agreement to continue with this process. Temporary solution is in force since 2003, and it is time for us to solve that matter”, Grabar Kitarović said in Budva.

She said that border issues take a long time to resolve due to their sensitivity.

“I believe that Croatian Sabor will ratify the Protocol in a fast manner, and I will personally make an effort in that regard”, said Grabar Kitarović.

According to her, Croatia considers Montenegro’s membership in NATO and EU as an important factor in strengthening the borders and the whole region of NATO’s southern wing.

“I hope that the Protocol will be signed on 19th and 20th during the Meeting of the MInisters, and I hope all other member states ratify it swiftly, because it will give further encouragement for Montenegro’s reform process and it will give an example to other countries in Eastern Europe”, said Grabar Kitarović.

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović said that the matter of Prevlaka demonstrated the responsible, friendly and serious relationship our two states have.

“The temporary solution has been efficiently implemented in all its forms, and we showed the responsibility and readiness to resolve this matter without difficulties”, Vujanović said.

He believes that the matter of Prevlaka did not put a strain on relationship of two states and it showed that a resolution can be reached even on such a sensitive issue.

“I am pleased to hear that President of Croatia wants to make additional effort in finding the solution. Croatia will have an honest partner in Montenegro, and we will consider all options before reaching an agreement”, Vujanović said.

If we should fail to reach an agreement, he said that we would turn to international jury and this would demonstrate our “neighborly dedication to resolve this together”.

“We are happy to hear that Croatia is ready to ratify the Protocol as soon as possible. Croatia is our neighbor and member of NATO, and it has been witness to everything Montenegro has done during its accession process”, Vujanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro