Great achievements of Montenegro

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Hungarian Ambassador in Podgorica, Christian Posa said that Montenegro has made great achievements since the restoration of independence.

Today, he met the chairman of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants Miodrag Vukovic.

“The interlocutors exchanged views on a number of current issues of importance to the two countries and expressed mutual satisfaction with the very rich bilateral cooperation. Expressing gratitude for the continued support that Hungary has given the integration processes, especially as the contact point country for cooperation with NATO, Vukovic said that Montenegro highly appreciates previous contribution and impact of Hungary in these fields, ” the statement said.

During the meeting, Ambassador Posa highlighted great achievements Montenegro has made since independence, including particularly important recent signing of the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO, which is a recognition of the progress of Montenegro.

“The interlocutors expressed the expectation that necessary procedures for the ratification of the Accession Protocol by the parliaments of NATO member states would be implemented in the coming year, which would be an additional impetus to an already successful path towards Montenegro’s membership in the EU,” said the statement after the meeting.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro