Great Britain ratified the Protocol

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United Kingdom ratified the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO, it was announced on the Facebook page “Safe Future”.

NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team has made clear that the signing of the Instrument of Acceptance for Montenegro as a member of NATO, has ended planned national ratification procedures.

State Secretary for Foreign Affairs UK, Boris Johnson, signed on Wednesday Instrument of Acceptance for Montenegro to join NATO on which, according to information from the Foreign Office, by sending a letter to Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic the Government of Montenegro would be officially informed.

“At the Ministerial meeting, the Defence Secretary welcomed the signing of UK’s Instrument of Acceptance for Montenegro to join NATO – making the UK the first major ally to complete the process,” it was said in a statement.

Protocol have been so far ratified by the parliaments of Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Polish, Turkey, Romania, Latvia and Estonia.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro