“Greater Albania does not have my support”

Civic Movement URA will never cooperate with the Democratic Party of Socialists nor make any compromises, said vice president of that political alliance Dritan Abazovic in an interview with ‘’Dan’’.

He emphasizes that joining of the opposition is necessary for the next parliamentary elections and that time should be used for dialogue on the best model of cooperation.

Just a few days after becoming a honorary citizen of Ulcinj, along with Hashim Thaci, Edi Rama has threatened with the unification of Albania and Kosovo. This is consistent with the concept of a “Greater Albania” also encompassing Ulcinj as part of Montenegrin territory. Abazovic said that such a policy does not have his support.

“I have responded to such a questions many times, although not regarding the recent statement by Edi Rama. Such a policy does not have mine nor any support in neighboring countries. I think that Rama’s statement is wrongly interpreted. Both Serbia and Montenegro will unite in united Europe. And all the other countries in the region should be dedicated to it. Whoever thinks otherwise does not wish good to this region”, said Abazovic for “Dan”.

As the most important message he heard from Rama, he singled out the assessment that a new chapter should be opened in the relations between Serbs and Albanians, as was the case with Germany and France after the Second World War and the creation of the European Union.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro