GRECO: Constructive steps towards joining EU

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In Council of Europe in Strasbourg, a detailed report was published on Wednesday by the Group of States against corruption (GRECO) which states that Montenegro has made some constructive steps in recent years towards improving the legal system in the country, by which the obligations from Council of Europe membership were fulfilled, as well as conditions for joining EU.

Evaluation team of GRECO stated that the law for prevention of corruption in Montenegro contains good measures for prevention of conflict of interests, but that the authorizations for implementation of the law are missing, and also there are many critics in terms of real independence and capacity of the bodies for prevention of conflict of interest when it comes to parliament members, judges and prosecutors.

“By implementing modern techniques of communication, new possibilities for recording and reporting of parliamentary procedures were created. Also, practical measures were implemented in recent several years and they’re related to communication with civil society organizations and public in general”, it was written in the report.

However, it is stated that “the prosecution is characterized by increased non-transparency in work and is often criticized for lack of being proactive”, though “Special prosecutor’s office for organized crime and corruption was formed with the goal of improving capacity for solving most difficult crimes and high level corruption”.

Another critique towards Montenegro and its legal system was related to appointing of the non-court members which is in jurisdiction of the Parliament.

The report concludes that in spite of positive legal changes that were introduced in the system, corruption remains an important reason for concern in Montenegro, which leads to lack of confidence of the public in some of the key institutions, primarily political organizations and judicial system.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro