Green light for Mqamula and the Queen’s Beach

Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget proposed today to the Assembly to adopt a decisions on granting a long-term lease of the site of the island Lastavica with fortress Mamula and accepting the Annex to the Agreement on the lease of the hotel Queen’s Beach.

After both projects failed to win the support of parliament at the end of July this year, the government again submitted them to the Parliament. Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development Branimir Gvozdenovic said that these projects have a wider dimensions.

“These are dimensions that are related to strengthening investment potential and positioning of Montenegro on the world market as high quality touristic destinations,” said Gvozdenovic.

Annex to the Contract on the lease of the hotel Queen’s Beach provides the lease to the company Adriatic properties to be extended from 30 to 42 years, as well as reduction of the amount of the lease. The Government adopted the Anexx at its session on 29 November 2012.

The lease agreement for the hotel Queen’s Beach in Budva was signed on 31 January 2007. Agreement on long-term lease of island Lastavica with fortress Mamula, which should be realized by the company Orascom, provides the lease period of 49 years.

Gvozdenovic said that it is important to support these projects and that it is much better to do it this year then in several years. He added that the Montenegrin tourism turnover this year will be around 800 million euros.

“The key thing is to come up with new capacity. In Montenegro we only have seven five-star hotels and the key thing is that over the next eight years we get to 76 hotels with four and five stars,” said Gvozdenovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro