Guests don’t care: Number of tourists unaffected by events in Kotor

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Events in Kotor, shootings and clashes of criminal clans, the resulting reinforced police control and anti-terrorist units posted around the city, thankfully have no consequences for citizens or tourists, the director of the local Tourism Organisation, Mirza Krcić, said for Skala radio.

Increased police presence was desirable, said Krcić, but explained that visually, it’s not good for the image, especially with tourists from cruise ships visiting the old town of Kotor.

However, the incidents did not jeopardize its tourism – occupancy increased and Kotor currently counts over 800 registered guests.

When it comes to excursions, Kotor was in the first five months visited by over 93 thousand people, which, Krcić explained, represents an increase of 20 percent.

“Also, the site of Roman mosaics in Risan is being visited by more people each year. It recorded 6.5 thousand visitors, 15 percent more than last year at the same time”, added Krcić.

Kotor walls were in the same period visited by over 17 thousand tourists, representing an increase of 20 percent.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro