Gurr announced: Great Britain will ratify the Protocol for accession to NATO this autumn

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Director for international security politics in Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom Nick Gurr emphasized during today’s meeting with state secretary Bojan Sarkic that British parliament will already in this autumn’s sessions ratify the Protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO Alliance.

As he emphasized, reforms that Montenegro has made on its road of Euroatlantic integrations definitely contributed to regional stability which, as he pointed out, affects the overall European stability.

According to Sarkic, Montenegro went through a very intensive period of implementation of reforms in general defense system which contributed to changes in other segments of the society too.

At the meeting was concluded that bilateral cooperation of Great Britain and Montenegro should be raised to even higher level, considering the fact that, as Sarkic and Gurr emphasized, this cooperation proved to be significant during the process of Montenegrin Euroatlantic integrations.

From Ministry of defense was announced that there was also discussion at the meeting about the project for destroying the excess amunition in Montenegro, because of which the Alliance formed a NATO Trust Fund, and in which the main contributor is Great britain.

“The PELT project was also discussed (Peacekeeping English language Training), a program for improvement of English language knowledge of the employees of Montenegrin Ministry of defense and members of Montenegrin Army”, it was said from the department.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro