Gvozdenović: Construction permits in 15 days

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A different method of accounting and charging the reimbursements for communal works on land will be suggested by the end of June in amendments to the Law on spatial organization and construction of facilities, said Danilo Gvozdenović, general director at the Directorate for construction of Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

The draft of the law that went through public discussion suggests a model that would make an investor pay the communal works where there are none on the land, while the reimbursement will not be paid where there is an existing infrastructure. A special tax for construction land is suggested for such cases.

“The tax will serve for reconstruction and maintenance of the land with an existing infrastructure”, Gvozdenović said.

According to him, after the amendments in the law have been made, the communal work reimbursement will still represent more than a half of total resources need before getting the construction permit.

“Reimbursement for communal work is one of the factors that slow down the investments, but on the other hand, it is the only source for filling the budget of local administration with money needed to prepare construction land. It means that it is not possible to eliminate it entirely, but we need to find a solution that is sustainable for citizens, investors and administrations”, he believes.

Gvozdenović reminded that the Law on changes and amendments in the Law on spatial organization and construction of facilities in 2011 introduced one point in the process of issuing construction permits. If the investor wants to build in Montenegro, he must first submit a request to the administration.

Urbanistic and technical conditions are issued in 30 days since submitting the request, and they entail all of the necessary data for creating technical documentation.

“They are acquired by a local administration in charge of issuing construction permits. After that, the investor names a planner for doing technical documentation, and applies again, to acquire construction permit”, he said.

The main project with a positive report and a proof of insurance is to be submitted with the request.

“Construction permit is given within 30 or 60 days, depending on the environmental factors of the project. All the documentation needed is gather at one point space, by the local administration”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro