Gvozdenovic receives award for development of business cooperation in the region

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Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Branimir Gvozdenovic, received last night in Belgrade the ‘Business partner extra’ award for his Ministry’s special contribution to the stabilization of the business climate and development of business cooperation in the region. The prize, awarded by Mass Media International for the 22nd time, was for the first time given to a ministry.

The award ceremony was attended by many prominent businessmen, members of the diplomatic corps and persons from public and cultural life of the region, as well as representatives of a large number of media.

“With its constant initiatives for cooperation among the countries of the region, the Ministry has strongly influenced the process of development of tourism and contributed to the development of a stimulating business environment, the stabilization of markets and the development of business cooperation, providing outstanding support to the prosperity of the entire region”, the statement accompanying the award said.

Minister Gvozdenovic thanked all those who have recognized the efforts of the Government of Montenegro and its Ministry to contribute to regional cooperation, improving of the business environment and the overall regional development, which, he added, ensured that Montenegro is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

Pointing out that last year Montenegro achieved record results in tourism and recorded excellent results in the first five months of the current year, expecting this year will be even better, Minister invited the participants to visit and invest in Montenegro, thus improve the overall economy of the region.

Annual Business Partner Award was established 22 years ago in an effort to promote the best companies and institutions from the region, which in their operations are guided by high professional standards and firm ethical standards.

The specificity of this award and special honors for its winners is the fact that companies themselves are choosing and evaluating their business partners, which they believe meet the aforementioned criteria.

The award is intended for all companies (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey), regardless of industry, size and type of ownership.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro