Hahn: Montenegro did its part, the border depends on Kosovo

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Kosovo needs to resolve the matter of demarcation with Montenegro. If it does not do so in an appropriate manner, there will be no positive report from European Commission EC, said Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

When asked whether he believes if it is possible that the matter of visa liberalization for Kosovo be resolved this or next year, Hahn said that it depends on Kosovo now.

“One of the most important conditions is resolving the demarcation matter with Montenegro. Montenegro has already passed the necessary laws. We are now waiting on Kosovo”, Hahn said.

Hahn reminded that a voting should have happened on Thursday in Kosovo Parliament, but it was suspended.

“Kosovo needs to resolve this situation. It is a condition that we cannot ignore, and if it cannot be resolved there will be no positive report from EC. European Council and European Parliament will take necessary measures”, Commissioner said.

According to him, decisions of Constitutional Court of BiH must be respected and referendum organized by Republika Srpska must be reconsidered.

“I hope a solution will be found for this problem. We must reconsider referendum, but court decisions must be respected”, Hahn said.

There were certain disputes between Serbia and Croatia lately. He was asked if he was afraid whether Croatia would continue to hinder the negotiations between EU and Serbia, Hahn said that “all six countries in the region that are not yet in the EU have an agreement to help each other in EU integration”.

“We are aware that the perspective of future membership in EU depends on contributions to safety and peace in the region. As a member of EU, Croatia has this interest as well. Of course, there are tensions from the past, but responsible politicians need to take care of that”, Hahn said.

He advised colleagues and responsible people in the region to resist verbal attacks because they cause tensions and issues.

“Even during election campaigns, we all must remember that there comes a day after the elections and we must cooperate then”, Hahn said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro