Hahn to Djukanovic: A historic day and Montenegro’s success

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Today’s signing of the Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol is a great event and a success for your country. From the European Union’s perspective, it is a significant contribution to stability in the region, said EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn during a meeting with Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic in Brussels.

Hahn welcomed this development, which will have a positive impact on the further progress of the region as a whole.

Djukanovic thanked for the congratulations and the support of the European Commission and the understanding of the NATO issue importance for the future of the Balkans.

He pointed out that the Montenegrin government will continue to be a good example in the region and a reliable European and Euro-Atlantic partner.

“In this regard, he emphasised that the focus of activities will be to further strengthen the rule of law and macroeconomic development of the country”, the government stated.

Speaking of the accession negotiations, Djukanovic thanked the European Commission for its cooperation and pointed out Montenegro’s full commitment to achieving results.

During the meeting, the officials also discussed the current political situation in Montenegro and the further dynamics of the accession negotiations.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro