Hajdukovic: I had hundreds of meetings, all for benefit of Montenegro



Dragan Hajdukovic reacted to the article in yesterday’s issue of Dnevne newspaper “Once saving Karadzic, now wants to save Montenegro”.

Response by Dr Hajdukovic:

“Your article “Once saving Karadzic, now wants to save Montenegro” is a nice example of a Montenegrin specialty to attack a man instead of replying to his arguments and honest and polite opinions.

The country that savagely destroys and sells all of the most beautiful parts of its territory, the country that destroys agricultural land and food production, the country that leaves its citizens at the mercy of the worst type of capitalism, the country that becomes occupied by local and international tycoons, the country whose debts are exponentially rising, the country that becomes a paradise fro criminals, this is a country with no future, the country at the verge of practically disappearing. This is today’s Montenegro.

Catastrophically bad leadership of Montenegro is endangering its future far more than the minority of the opponents of its existence, which would be far less in numbers if Montenegro was a country of better quality.

Since 1992 to referendum, with huge personal sacrifice and efforts, I had hundreds of meetings, often at very high instances, with Europeans and Americans. In all these meetings, I fought whioleheartedly and energetically for Montenegrin independence, which was a dream of mine as a country which rises to a planetary example of a wise and humanly organized and economically strong society. By silent work far from the eyes of the media and public I gave as much as I could to renewal of Montenegrin indeendence.

I will end this by an objection that central part of your story about Karadzic and Cody Shearer (who was an often guest in Montenegro and had meetings with high officials) was presented in a way which is far from the truth; You are though partially excused because you were reporting lies that were already published and spread elsewhere. My image next to Karadzic’s image on the front page of your newspaper is a clear proof that with the lack of arguments you don’t refrain from using other methods”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro