Has Russia intended to influence Montenegro’s NATO path? Any interference in the elections is unacceptable!

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Foreign interference in the electoral process in any sovereign state is absolutely unacceptable, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and welcomed the investigation into the developments on 16 October, which initiated in Montenegro and Serbia.

Asked whether Russia intended to influence Montenegro’s path into NATO by the developments in Montenegro, Stoltenberg said that every country had the right to decide on its path and the security framework it would be part of.

At a joint press conference in Brussels after a meeting with Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic, Stoltenberg said that Montenegro had decided to be a part of NATO through a democratic process, reminding that the Montenegro’s accession agreement ratification was ongoing.

According to him, this is a decision that Montenegro should adopt, along with 28 members of the alliance.

“No one else has the right to interfere or attempt to interfere with decision making in 28 states and Montenegro. It is upon us to decide and we decided to invite Montenegro. Any interference with this process is something we do not accept. Any foreign interference in the elections in any sovereign state is absolutely unacceptable”, said Stoltenberg.

He welcomed the investigation into the “attempt of interference in Montenegro”, which is initiated in Montenegro and Serbia.

“I am not supposed to judge, but the investigation should reveal the facts and responsible people.”

“We have seen that Montenegro strengthened its security and democratic institutions, as part of reforms on its NATO path. I welcome this and look forward to Montenegro’s joining the alliance”, said Stoltenberg.

Vucic said that Serbia did its job in a responsible and professional manner and submitted all the evidence and important information it obtained, as well as “a person who provides most of the pieces of information about everything that was prepared for Montenegro”.

“Certainly, that was not an easy situation for us, or for me personally, because at first I responded in a different way. But I do not have the slightest intention to participate even in covering up the most serious crimes, let alone committing them. Honour and responsible people should not to do that. As a state, we acted as a responsible country”, Vucic said.

He added that this kind of cooperation with Montenegrin prosecutor’s office and other state bodies would continue.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro