Have oil and gas explorations ever “closed tourism down” anywhere in the world?

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Claims by the NGO sector and environmental experts that oil drills can lead to tourism “closing down” in Montenegro have been denied by the Montenegrin Tourist Association chairman, Zarko Radulovic.

“I do not know if anywhere in the world tourism was ‘closed down’ because of oil and gas explorations. I even know certain parts of the world where wells and tourism coexist hand in hand and those are perhaps the most popular travel destinations. Let’s mention only Rome, Venice, Dalida”, said Radulovic.

According to Radulovic, tourists neither come nor leave because of oil drills.

“On the contrary, it has nothing to do with each other. Tourists will come if we complete some other things, such as: improve our offer, be more attractive and easily accessible. Then we will have a larger number of guests regardless of the wells”, Radulovic explained.

However, he doesn’t exclude a possibility that this project doesn’t sue its opponents for some other reasons, not the environmental ones.

Radulovic also claims that in case of an ecological incident, Montenegro would be least endangered.

“If we talk about the ecological threat, then Southern Dalmatia would be much more affected than Montenegro, because the wells are located exactly at a sea current, which is quite strong and going from Albania, near Montenegro towards Croatia. Therefore, if there are ecological problems, Croatia would suffer more than Montenegro”, Radulovic said.

Drilling in the Adriatic Sea will be done using the most modern techniques, so that the possibility of ecological incident is almost ruled out, Radulovic said.

“I also know what finding oil and gas would mean not only for the Montenegrin economy, but also for the people of Montenegro”, he concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro