He asked the opposition whether Krivokapic is acceptable for a leader

Head of the EU Delegation in Podgorica Mitja Drobnic inquired during meetings in June with a part of leaders of the Democratic Front on the recomposition of the political scene in Montenegro and the possibility that the SDP leader Ranko Krivokapic, after the break with the DPS, becomes a leader of the opposition, learnes ‘’Pobjeda’’.

The political engagement of the representative of the European Commission was also in the spotlight in yesterday’s edition of the Slovenian daily ‘’Delo’’, who published the information that Mitja Drobnic came under fire from the tabloid close to Montenegrin government because of its support for the opposition.

The paper claims that, because of such involvement of Drobnic, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic even requested his removal, but that was denied by officials in Brussels.

In a statement to ‘’Delo’’, Mitja Drobnič has rejected such claims, saying that as head of the EU Delegation he has the full support of the European Commission and the European External Action Service.

“I’m answerable to European institutions rather than the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, Drobnic answered, thus indirectly confirming that the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not satisfied with his actions. Although he claimed to ‘’Delo’’ that he is politically neutral, the information obtained by ‘’Pobjeda’’ favors the thesis that authorities in Podgorica don’t see a part of Drobnic’s activities as the “friendly assistance to European integration”, but as an attempt of indirect but real influence on the relations in Montenegrin political scene.

According to the findings of ‘’Pobjeda’’, at the meeting with the part of the leaders of the Democratic Front which took place on June 8 in Podgorica, Drobnic openly asked the opposition members whether Ranko Krivokapic would be acceptable for them as the leader of the opposition in the event of a breakup of the ruling coalition.

Besides Drobnic and his associates, the meeting whose key topic were announced protests of the Democratic Front, was attended by leaders of the Democratic People’s Party and the Democratic Front Predrag Bulatovic and Milan Knezevic, with their associates.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro