He failed to prevent things he was not aware of: Marovic prays that everyone in Montenegro confesses their guilt



For the first time since he was arrested in December 2015, Svetozar Marovic addressed the public. He was not able to talk to the reporters after the hearing in the High Court in Podgorica on Thursday due to poor health, but he sent a written message to the Montenegrin public. He says he failed to stop the things he was not aware of and points out that he is only one to blame, and not the party he established and felt as if it was his own child. He points out that he felt guilty, not justifying himself by being into company of local Judas or ugly copies of Brut. He adds that he is not worse than other and that he prays that everyone in Montenegro takes their burden and confesses their sins and guilt before God and the law.

Marovic’s full statement follows:

I admitted my guilt and sin, as it was put, as the first among others, because I was not aware of what I should be aware of, I did not see what everyone saw, I failed to stop the things I was not aware of, because I trusted those who I would trust again, I hurt those who trusted me and who I beg for to forgive me – me, a person who is lower than the lowest today and who can be blamed for everything by everyone.

I am guilty and no one else – neither my family who is suffering as a hostage of my name, nor the party I established and felt as if it was my own child, although it always had better and more important people than me.

No one is to blame, neither those who, as witnesses of Solomon tales, blamed me for the things they had done themselves, nor anyone but me, because although in all of these legal cases I gained no benefits, not a single cent, I agreed to pay back for others from the inherited property of my family, I am guilty because others admitted that they had gained benefits which could not be gained without my authority. I believe them and I am guilty for that, for being used as a coat which they put on when they were cold and took off when they were hot.

I confessed and I am aware that I failed to fully reject the seductive vices of power, which make you believe you are more important than others. Although I fought against it, I was too weak to make myself and others in my surrounding immune to the disease that easily infects any government – the disease in which individuals think that they exercise the power for their personal good and not exclusively for the benefit of those who elected them.

I also confessed because I do not want to enter a trial against my own country and usurp the time that can be used for achieving more important goals in its progress when I feel guilty as charged, not justifying myself by being into company of local Judas or ugly copies of Brut or blaming anyone else. Because, since the Adam’s fall there was no man without guilt, so I am not worse than others and I could not remain sinless and innocent. At one point, various people stood against me, trying my parental weaknesses for the sake of hidden plans, using, as it usually happened throughout history, the old skills of deception, collecting and submitting information, far from the public.

The pledge I made due to the feeling of guilt for everything undesirable and harmful that happened, I did out of fear, not of those who acted according to the law, but out of fear for my children, for my closest persons, for my family, from those who were able to secretly put a burden on us out of envy, ambition, political dissent and who, in their secret power, may not be satisfied by my punishment and suffering of Marovic family. Therefore I am afraid because it is easy to stand against the fallen and to add accusations against the labelled.

I admitted my guilt without any pressure or influence by anyone, praying to the Lord to accept this confession as my sincere repentance. Although I am sinful and defeated in front of God, people and myself, I pray that everyone in Montenegro takes their own burdens, confesses their guilt and sins before God and the law, for the sake of progress and good of Montenegro and its peaceful life.

Well, this is true about all of this, about my pledge and my reasons, without any ugly thought against anyone. I am thankful to my family and rare friends for their help and reassured that out of all of these, for me painful, cases, thanks to commitment of people of the law, it is possible to say that there will be no costs either for the municipality or for the state and that all property acquired contrary to the law will be seized from each person, not only in Budva but also in other places and from other people in Montenegro. Yes, that’s what I wanted to say in this real truth, since there are other, different truths – there is nothing shorter than the triumph of evil, nor anything more permanent than the victory of the full truth.

Sincerely, Svetozar Marovic

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro