He has worked in ZIKS for 20 years and can hardly believe that a murder occurred in the prison

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The murder of Dalibor Djuric in the Institute for the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS) is an unprecedented case, Velimir Rakocevic, who has worked in the prison for 20 years told CDM.

“I am speechless. If someone told me this I could not believe. I am telling you this as someone who has worked in the police for twenty years and who knows the system”, Rakocevic said.

He points out that ZIKS surrounding used to be protected, because a huge land complex was behind the prison wall.

“Thus civilians were not able to approach. And now there are facilities built near the walls. Those are private properties, so security is compromised”, he said.

He emphasises that the whole security system in the country should be concerned.

“This applies to all the competent authorities, since the ZIKS is institution of special social significance. Everything that prosecution offices and police have done… it’s all there. This is a whole world in miniature. Security and preventive protection is compromised because something has failed”, said Rakocevic.

He added that the murder was a sign that the security measures must be strengthened.

“In the institution, but also by expanding the buffer zone. After the land was confiscated from ZIKS the institution security has been compromised”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro