“He showed what it means to be human”

Representatives of the Forum of Bosniaks and Montenegro capital Podgorica have laid flowers at the Boulevard Srdjan Aleksic today, in memory of the 22nd anniversary of the death of soldier Srdjan Aleksic from Trebinje, who was killed in 1993 while defending citizen of another nationality, Bosniak, Alen Glavovic.

At the initiative of the Forum of Bosniaks, new road next to a memorial park in Pobrezje from 2013 bears the name Boulevard Srdjan Aleksic.

Mirsad Rastoder, from the Forum of Bosniaks of Montenegro, said that Srdjan Aleksic is a hero of humanity.

“In addition to his tree of humanity, we left flowers as a sign of memories, and other representatives of the Forum of Bosniaks in Trebinje, that with his father Srdjan Aleksic visit his grave. Srdjan Aleksic, is a hero of humanity. Srdjan Aleksic deserves to be in our hearts. ” Rastoder stressed.

President of the Assembly of Podgorica Djordje Suhih, laid flowers next to the tree, which was planted in memory of the Srdjan Aleksic. He said that Srdjan Aleksic with his act showed what it means to be human.

Based on the story of the death of Srdjan Aleksic, Srdjan Golubovic shot a film “Circles”. In posthumous obituary to Aleksic, his father Rade wrote, “He died carrying out his human duty”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro