Heads of the cadastre and the Public Utility Company arrested

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Chief of Danilovgrad cadastre Dragan Dzakovic and Director of Public Utility Company of the town Zdravko Lolo Simonovic were arrested on suspicion of damaging the Municipality of Danilovgrad’s budget by abusing of office.

They were arrested this morning at 6.30, after the order of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for illegal purchase of land for the town cemetery, unofficially found out “Vijesti”.

After the newspaper reported on this subject in 2014, the police, allegedly began to check whether there were criminal activities in business between Danilovgrad Utility Company and councilors of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Veselin Mitrovic, after the local authorities announced the intention to build a new cemetery on the plot for which they paid the DPS councilor 120,000 Euros.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro