Hearing of Sindjelic postponed

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Hearing of witnes associates in case of attempted terrorist attacks on 16 October, Aleksandar Sindjelic, has been postponed to next Monday, March 20. The hearing was adjourned at the request of the leaders of the Democratic Front Milan Knezevic and Andrija Mandic.

Andrija Mandic told reporters in front of the Special Prosecutor’s Office that they asked to postpone the hearing for a short period until they get familiar with the case.

“Based on the call we received yesterday from the Special Prosecutor’s Office, that certain Aleksandar Sindjelic is to be questioned, we have come , asking to get a personal insight into the files relating to us. Of course, we wanted to find out what the procedures and scheduling are, because, for example, I have not received an order for the extension of the investigation, at all. My colleague Knezevic, got the order at his home address, yesterday but it was demanded from us to come today in order to attend the hearing of Aleksandar Sindjelic. We asked special public prosecutor to postpone this hearing until we get a copy of all files relating to this case, “Mandic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro