Heavy rainfall in Croatia, BiH, Montenegro

SARAJEVO/ZAGREB/BAR – Heavy rainfall accompanied by strong wind gusts, thunder, and sometimes ice pellets at the beginning of September does not leave the region which, according to warnings from competent authorities, faces a few days of unstable weather, “Kurir” reported quoting media in the region.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina orange Meteoalarm was issued, in Croatia red one, hail prevention in the Republika Srpska is ready, and, if necessary, teams of civilian protection. In the last 24 hours in the area of Trebinje fell as much as 118 liters of rain per square meter, which is a record amount of rainfall during the summer.

Heavy rain and thunder caused part of Trebinje to be without electricity, there were problems in some settlements in Banja Luka.

The red Meteoalarm in Croatia has been in force because of the cyclone “Simeon” that swept through the area of entire Adriatic Sea, so in Dubrovnik, in less than 24 hours fell more than 190 liters of rain per square meter, which corresponds to three-month average rainfall in the autumn months.

Due to the bad weather and large amounts of water, firefighters in Dubrovnik had increased number of interventions yesterday, mostly pumping the water out of flooded basements, offices and apartments, removing blocked vehicles from the streets and collapsed trees.

Regular defense measures from floods are still in force in Varazdin area and the river Mira which flooded. Unstable weather will continue in Montenegro until the end of this week. Meteorologist Branko Micev explained that the strong cyclonic activity yesterday led to instability in the area of Montenegro, noting that most of the rain fell in Petrovac.

Until this morning, 200 liters of rain fell in the town, while in Herceg Novi was recorded 155 liters.

“Yesterday in Budva in only six hours fell 135 liters of rain, which is 120 percent of usual monthly amount for September,” said Micev.

Speaking about the weather in the coming days, meteorologist announced unstable weather until the end of this week, particularly in northern and continental parts of the country, while the stabilization of the weather is expected at the beginning of the next week.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)