Help Bojan: He has leukemia and he needs our help

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Student of the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, Bojan Petricevic, needs financial help so that he could go to Turkey and have a bone marrow transplant.

Because he does not have money to finance this trip and treatment on his own, he reached out to the public in a sincere letter, explaining his ordeal with a type of leukemia called aplastic anemia.

As stated in the letter, part of his treatment will be covered by the health insurance, while the other needs to come from his family.

“I don’t even have to emphasize what this would mean for my life and that of my family. After several months of treatment in Podgorica and Belgrade, I received an invitation to treat and possibly have a bone marrow transplant at the Acibadem clinic in Istanbul. My parents have very modest incomes. My family is unable to finance the full cost of my treatment in Turkey”, Bojan said in his letter.

He asked all people who are able to help him and his family to send funds to these bank accounts:

NLB BANK: 907-53001-03 br. 530-0000100313251-44

to the name of mother Svetlana Petricevic.

For payments from abroad

IBAN: ME25530003050017727241


At the end of his letter, Bojan says he is in advance thankful to anyone for their help.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro