Help us to reclaim CPC’s property

Montenegrin Orthodox Church Metropolitan Mihailo urged the Montenegrin public, embassies of foreign countries and the EU as well as representatives of international institutions to support and encourage the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro to persist and initiate proceedings for the return of property CPC.

In an open letter , he said that SSP should bring to justice those responsible for the usurpation and illegal entry of a large part of the church property to the Belgrade Patriarchate.

“Montenegro was recognized as sovereign and independent state at the Berlin Congress in 1878. After World War I, in 1918 it was annexed by Serbia and underwent its sovereignty as part of its territory. Two years later, on July 14, 1920, Serbian king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic’s annexed by decree the Montenegrin to the Serbian church. But ownership rights of the state, villages, clans and tribes over Montenegrin churches and monasteries have not been challenged or invalidated by no act nor the Serbian state disrupted them. Nothing changed until the mid-nineties of the last century when the SerbianChurch, the irregular political circumstances, using the force of the army stationed in our country that was loyal to it through corruption, blackmail and threats obtained entry of part of church property to its Cetinje subsidiary” said Mihailo.

He recalled that in May 2006, Montenegro renewed its statehood, and that we should have restored all church property illegally entered to the Belgrade Patriarchate to its previous ownership status, and returned it to state ownership.

“In order to prevent that, the SerbianChurch, supported by Belgrade power centers, for the second time uses threat, corruption and blackmail. Well-known and legitimate ways of acquiring property are: buying, legacy, gift or decisions of the authorities. Serbian church did not acquire church property that it enacted in its own name in any of these four legal ways. Therefore, we address to all of the above mentioned in this proclamation to support and encourage the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro – Department for combating organized crime, corruption, terrorism and war crimes – to persist in order to bring responsible to the justice and institute proceedings for the return of property to the previous property situation”, concludes the statement.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro