Helpers of Djuric’s killer arrsted

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Montenegrin police filed criminal charges against Kotor citizens D.P. (44), and M.T. (30) on reasonable suspicion that they are accomplices in the murder of Dalibor Djuric, who was killed recently in the Institute for implementation of penal sanctions.

Police also charged the two Kotor citizens with the criminal offense of creating a criminal organization.

“Given the way, the place of execution and the severity of the offense, immediately upon receipt of notification of the criminal offense committed, coordinated by more than one organizational unit of the Police on the orders of a competent prosecutor, numerous measures and actions were undertaken in order to solve this crime, identify the perpetrators and arrest them. Numerous activities have been carried out by the Criminal Police Department and the Police Department of Podgorica, the Special Police Department and the Police Department of Niksic, in coordination with the Higher and Special State Prosecutor’s Office. Full support for these activities was provided by officials of other organizational units of the Police, with a special contribution of the Forensic Centre”, according to a statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro