Here are members of political council of Pozitivna

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Political council of Pozitivna Montenegro was formed with total of 15 members. Besides the president of the council Ranko Djonovic, members are also academics Milenko Perovic, Vukic Pulevic, Svetozar Savic and Sreten Vujovic. Also members are writer Blagota Erakovic, director Igbala Sabović Kerovic, architects and non-party persons.

In council are also Milic Joksimovic, Miodrag Mijo Vucetic, Sveto Milikic, Borislav Buric, Rade Mihaljevic, Ranko Prorokovic, Igor Dajkovic and Adem Velic.

As they emphasized from this party, the Council defined a plan for development of Montenegro in next 10 years right after the forming, and upon the initiative of the president of Pozitivna Darko Pajovic.

“Plan will be presented to all the citizens, during the election campaign, and key goals of this program are also in the program of Pozitivna, and those are economic development, fight for solidarity and social justice, fight against unemployment, strengthening of Euroatlantic integraions and what is particulalry important, active role of the country in solving all economic problems. Having in mind the credibility and professional integrity of the members of the Council, we are confident that Pozitivna Montenegro will be a key actor of political changes in future, changes that we all desperately need”, it was concluded from this party.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro