Here’s why some people from Kosovo are angry about the border with Montenegro

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On the day when the Kosovo Parliament should have decided on ratification of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro, CdM calls in mind the chronology of the agreement on the border.

The demarcation agreement between Montenegro and Kosovo was signed in August 2015 in Vienna.

The agreement was signed by Montenegrin foreign minister Igor Luksic and interior minister Rasko Konjevic and Kosovo deputy prime minister and foreign minister Hashim Thaci and Kosovo interior minister Skender Hyseni.

The border between the two countries was based on the administrative border arising from the 1974 Constitution.

Marking the border with Montenegro is in full compliance with the border line according to the 1974 Constitution, the Ahtisaari plan and Kosovo Constitution.

However, some of Kosovo MPs and citizens are not satisfied with the border, because they believe 8,000 hectares of land was seized from Kosovo in this way.

Therefore, the members of the Self Determination movement raised Albanian flags and wrote “Kosovo” graffiti in Montenegro during previous protests. Once they headed towards Montenegro territory claiming that “their pastures” are there.

Last month, the US and the EU warned Kosovo to ratify demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

US Vice President Joe Biden warned that Kosovo will lose US support if it does not ratify the agreement, whereas MEP Tanja Fajon said that the demarcation was a condition for visa liberalisation.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro