HGI has no guaranteed seats in the Parliament and we are not anyone’s minions

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Leaders of the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI), president Marija Vucinovic and the first candidate on the HGI’s list Adrijan Vuksanovic said that allegations that they have guaranteed seats in the Parliament in as a minority are not true.

“Regarding the recent speculations, we say to citizens, particularly our potential voters that HGI has no guaranteed seats in the Parliament. What we have, as members of an indigenous people in Montenegro, is positive discrimination under the Law on Election of Councillors and Members of Parliament, according to which we have to win 0.35% of votes. I remind you that positive discrimination and the mandatory 0.35% of the votes is included in the law precisely thanks to HGI and our current representative in the Parliament”, Vucinovic said.

She said she expected citizens understand the importance of the upcoming elections and the importance of representatives of Croatian ethnic community in the Parliament.

“Only through their legitimate representatives, Croats in Montenegro can exercise their rights and fulfil their interests in the best way. Support to HGI will enable citizens of the Kotor Bay to be heard in the Parliament of Montenegro”, she added.

“I appeal to the citizens, to our potential voters not to allow to be manipulated. HGI has no guaranteed Parliament seats, because only you and your support can provide those seats to HGI”, said Vucinovic.

Vuksanovic added that this, as he put it, speculation serves to relax HGI electorate not to vote in the elections.

“Also, the Croatian Civic Initiative is nobody’s minion. Otherwise we would not run in the elections independently”, said Vuksanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro