Higher court adopted the agreement on guilt confession by Milos Marovic

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Higher court in Podgorica adopted the agreement on guilt confession by Milos Marovic, son of the former DPS official Svetozar Marovic, for the criminal act of the abuse of public administration position via complicity.

Milos Marovic confessed that he participated in illegal sale of the land in village Prijevor, by which the municipality of Budva was damaged for 1.4 million euros.

As it was stated in the announcement, the defendant can file a complaint within three days from the day of receiving the notice from the court.

“After the notice of adoption of the agreement on guilt confession becomes legally binding, the court will reach a verdict no later than within three days, by which the defendant will be found guilty in accordance with the adopted agreement”, it was concluded in the Higher court.


Marovic made a deal with the Prosecution to spend a year in prison and pay 380.000 euros to the country.

The agreement defines that the deadline for payments begins three months after the day of the official verdict.

Marovic was arrested at the beginning of December, and until then he was receiving medical treatment abroad. Upon coming to Montenegro he was placed in private hospital ‘Codra’, where he gave his first statement that should have been given in the prosecution. Marovic was on the wanted list from the middle of October, when he was already in Belgrade for the treatment.

PHOTO: CdM, Vedran Ilic

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro