Highway Bar-Boljare: Inadequate geodetic survey slowing down the construction

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Construction on the 4th section of the highway, from Uvač to Mateševo, has been slowed down due inadequate geodetic surface and land composition.

It is clear that demanding facilities such as highway infrastructure can not be easily built upon inadequate geodetic surfaces.

Representative of the main constructor on the highway, Chinese CRBC, told Pobjeda that almost a half of the section from Uvač to Jabuka has inadequate land composition.

“Geodetic surveys done so far are different than those we had originally conceived. The reason probably lies in the fact that the project was done based on airplane recordings that could have shown a different information due to vegetation”, they said in CRBC.

If the work was started with original geodetic plans, numerous complications would occur.

“One of them would be tunnel “swimming up” due to risky surface. In order to avoid this, our project team is working on new solutions“, they said in the company.

Part of the highway was planned on insufficient geodetic data, and this part of the project should now be updated.

“We are changing the route to go over the land that has different and more favorable construction characteristics”, they said in CRBC.

Complete expropriation is now in the hands of the Chinese company, and is also funded by them. The route is changing, and geological surveys are being done.

The company expects to get the first permit for the tunnel on Jabuka. As soon as geological surveys are done and they get the permits, they will start the construction.

Preparations are finalized, especially for the 4th section. 43 kilometers of approach routes were built, 60 kilometers of power lines, 32 stations.

Jabuka camp is the biggest out of four camps built in preparation for accommodation of workers.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro