Highway: Geological survey completed

In addition to the work on the building of settlement or camp at Jabuka, geological survey was completed on the fourth section of the highway, thereby creating the conditions for realization of a final project, ‘’Pobjeda’’ writes.

It was said from the Chinese Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) that survay was delayed because of the specificity of the terrain but that everything was done thoroughly in order to complete project documentation.

“Due to the importance of geology for the work that lie ahead we insisted on a maximum precision. Expropriation also remains to be finished in one part. We believe that conditions will be created to start the work on the main road in mid-October. Initially, the intensity of the works will not be large, but it will create the conditions for a major construction initiative which is expected”, it was said from the CRBC.

Beginning of works on the main road will create conditions to begin hiring workers who completed the training to operate construction machinery ten days ago, but also for benders, carpenters, concrete workers.

CRBC adds that jobs on harder construction points will be entrusted to experienced workers who, in addition to Kolasin, will also be recruited in Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje and other northern cities.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro