Highway performs tonight: We are all ready and confident!

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The 61st edition of the most popular music festival of Europe will tonight be broadcasted live on RTCG, starting 9 PM, from the Stockholm “Globe” arena. A total of 42 participants will try to best represent the people and the flag under which they will perform tonight, hoping to have their name written in the gold almanacs of European music.

Tonight’s first semi-final will include Montenegrin boyband, Highway (Marko Pesic, Luka Vojvodic, Petar Tosic and Bojan Jovovic) and their song “The Real Thing” (Mne. “Prava Stvar”).

Months of hard work, exhausting preparation and logistics will have to fit in the three minutes, during which, performing under number 15, the boys will try to earn a place in the top 10, in order to give Montenegro third finals in its history. Their fellow competitors are Finland, Greece, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia, Armenia, San Marino, Russia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Malta.

“We are very satisfied with the rehearsals and everything we’ve done. So far, we had two rehearsals, and both went even better than we expected. We also had three promotional concerts, and one of which was at the main city square, which was full”, said Pesic, adding that the band decided to change their performance a bit.

“We now have more movement on stage, so there’ll be more energy. We also added more effects at the stage”, explained Pesic.

Band adds they are very happy with how Swedes approached them, both public and the media. They feel no pressure, they are confident and say they are expecting great results.

Montenegro can only cheer for its representatives, since voting for your own county is not available in the Eurosong competition.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro