Highway route proving to be challenging for planners

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Construction on the highway Bar-Boljare is going according to plans, and the pace and dynamics of building separate and main project are a responsibility of the construction company, it was said in Ministry of Traffic and Maritime.

Representatives of the Ministry said that the fact that there are a lot of bridges and tunnels in the route speaks of challenges and requests on planners, and also of the level of responsibility and volume of work for the State Commission for Revision of Technical Documentation.

“The average time spent planning such capital projects with very challenging morphology in the field a large number of facilities on the route is 9 to 12 months“, they said to MINA Business when asked when will the main project for construction of the highway Bar-Boljare be done.

They stated that the production of necessary geodetic research and performing of geotechnical exploration works with elaborates takes around 6 months.

“These are the reasons that the making of planning documentation for the construction of the main part of the highway of 41 kilometers in length is done successively, respecting parts of which there are 15, so that the priority is given to those facilities that take a longer time to be done. They need to be started earlier, in order to be finished by the deadline”, they said in the Ministry.

They said that the projects for building systems of electrical supply, lights, telecommunications and command center for controlling the highway, that are unique for the whole route, are operating in the second part of the implementation of the project, parallel to construction.

When asked whether the route of the highway will be changed, the Ministry said that the construction company, based on the contract, has a right to suggest changes in written form, if they believe they could speed up the process, decrease expenses, maintenance and exploitation, efficiency and value of performed works for the investor.

“Investor then decides, in accordance with the contract, without putting in jeopardy his interests, safety, and long-term quality of the works”, they said in the Ministry.

Construction the priority part of the highway, from Smokovac to Mateševo, should be intensified these days.

The main construction company is Chinese China Road and Bridge Corporation CRBC.

The construction of the primary part of the highways has begun on May 11th of last year, and the deadline for the Chinese is four years from that point.

Building of the highway will cost the state 809 million EUR. Chinese Exim Bank lent 944 million USD, for 20 years and with an interest rate of 2%, with a grace period of 6 years.

The contract on planning and construction of the priority part of the highway was signed with Chinese companies CRBC and China Communications Construction Company CCCC.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro