Historic arrest in Montenegro: Counter-intelligence agent arrested for the first time!

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Today is the first time that a former member of an intelligence or counterintelligence service has been arrested on suspicion of having committed a criminal offense. That is Serbian citizen Radovan Aleksic, who was the Yugoslav Armed Forces lieutenant colonel, the head of its counterintelligence service, but also the head of intelligence service in Podgorica until 2002. After Montenegro independence restoration, he refused to join the Armed Forces of Montenegro, local and regional media reported. He was arrested on Dobrakovo the border crossing today on suspicion that he attempted to kill police inspector Predrag Sukovic on 11 July.

“Until today, it never happened that some intelligence or counter-intelligence agent was arrested for the crime. I hope this means that the state will begin to work”, retired general in the Yugoslav Armed Forces aviation, Blagoje Grahovac, told CDM.

He said he knew Aleksic, but was not able to give any details about him.

“I knew him, but only superficially, nothing else, because he was in the army”, Grahovac said.

However, he had a tip for Aleksic.

“I advise him to admit everything immoral and illegal he did in his career – if he did such things. Thus, he would contribute to the nation and the state more significantly than everything he did in his life”, Grahovac said.

Aleksic became known to the public in 1999, when he was beaten in front of his apartment in Niksic. In that period he was security chef of Yugoslav Armed Forces Podgorica corps. The attack has not been resolved. Three years later, Aleksic was appointed head of the Military Intelligence Service in Podgorica.

After Montenegrin referendum on independence in 2006, he refused to join the Montenegrin Armed Forces. Now he has Serbian citizenship.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro