HIT Montenegro: We believe it’s all a misunderstanding, we’re waiting for the court’s decision

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Management of company HIT Montenegro, which owns hotel Maestral, in relation to the blockade of their bank account, sent a request to Ministry of finance and the Cental bank of Montenegro in which it demands that until the court makes it’s final decision the agreement that they had should be respected.

From the company was said to Dnevne newspaper that they were surprised by the blockade from the Tax administration, and that they believe that it’s been a misunderstanding which will soon be resolved on mutual interest.

Problem with Tax administration dates back in 2013 when it was determined that Hit Montenegro allegedly owed 5 million euros in VAT and profit tax. This decision was revoked later and a new one has been made that the Tax administration owes the company that same amount. After that, a third decision was made identical to the one from 2013 after which HIT Montenegro decided to look for justice at the court. The process is still open at the Administrative court.

“Three years ago Tax administration collected 5 million euros from HIT Montenegro company on basisi of investments from 2003-2010. Those five million haven’t been returned although the last court decision was in favor of the company. However, Tax administration accepted the court’s decision that the amount of money owed should be compensated through ongoing operations and taxes. In previous 18 months 2.5 million euros have been compensated, after which the Tax administration brought a new conclusion on 27th of April and blocked the bank account of the company”, it was explained from HIT Montenegro.

In the company though, they believe that it’s been a misunderstanding.

“We want to believe that this is the case and that it’s not in anybody’s interest that hotel Maestral closes at the beginning of the season, and that we will find a reasonable solution soon. We sent a request to the Ministry of finance and the Central bank where we demand the respect of the agreement that we had until the court makes it’s final decision and we’re hoping for a quick resolution”, it was said to Dnevne newspaper by the management of the company HIT Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro