Honorary Consul of Montenegro in the Netherlands Arrested

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Honorary Consul of Montenegro in the Netherlands, businessman Ben Vos, was arrested yesterday.

According to reports of the Dutch media, he is suspected of tax fraud and the laundering of five million euros.

Media reports add the police confiscated sixty buildings and other real estate investments of the company of which he is director.

L.H.L. Ben Vos has recently been appointed as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Montenegro in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Through a friendship with a lawyer, real estate entrepreneur Ben Vos experienced the most beautiful piece of ex-Yugoslavia: Montenegro.

„Montenegro has been a candidate-member state of the European Union since 2010 and counts as many inhabitants as the Maastricht Region. It is seven times larger than all of Limburg“, says the Consulaat Montenegro website.

Vos said he sees it as his duty to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, on a business, cultural and social level.

“I would like to contribute to the accession of Montenegro to the European Union”, Ben Vos said on the occasion of his appointment.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro