Hotel As under investigation

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Special State Prosecution open a case investigating privatization of Hotel As in Perazića Dol. The case is in the research phase, they say on Prosecution’s website.

Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development filed criminal charges against 6 individuals who have confirmed that the guarantee given with the annex of contract for As Hotel is not valid. Charges were filed against representative of the investor company Montena invest and Nega turs of Vladislav Popović, Dejan and Nedeljko Gardašević, Viktor Mazanov and two unknown individuals, for submitting fake guarantees of Sberbank for 3 million EUR.

On Monday, there was a parliamentary hearing of the Minister of Tourism Branimir Gvozdenović on this guarantee. He said that the matter of prolonging the contract of As for 14 months was supervised by many different state institutions and he said there are no precise methods to check the guarantees. He added that after this event, they have started an initiative for make a Regulation for this.

As was sold to a Russian-Montenegrin company Nega Turs in May 2002 for 5 million marks, binding them to invest 22 million marks. Reconstruction of the hotel was first late due to non-existent plan documentation, and later the global economic crisis took a tool on the investor.

Investors claim that in the case of contract annulment, they will ask for 70% invested 43 million EUR that the Government has recognized, because the main contract grants them this right, Pobjeda learns.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro