Hoyt Yee: Government of electoral trust resolved differences

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By forming the government of electoral trust, Montenegro provides a good example for a stronger pluralistic democracy in the country, said Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US State Department Hoyt Brian Yee.

Hoyt Yee congratulated the political parties which contributed to achieving the historic agreement that is to pave the way for holding free and fair elections.

“This is a good example for the political parties in Montenegro that there are ways to resolve differences and to cooperate for the common good in order for the people of Montenegro not to be faced with setbacks and constant conflicts, but to find common ground on the way towards the goal the country and its people spire to – a stronger economy and NATO and EU membership. It is also a good example for the region, given the fact that the other countries in the Western Balkans are facing similar problems when it comes to finding a common ground between ruling and opposition parties”, Hoyt Yee told Voice of America, RTCG portal carried.

He also said that 2016 was a very important year for Montenegro, given that it celebrated the 10th anniversary of independence restoration.

“I’m very glad I was able to attend the celebration in Podgorica a few weeks ago”, said Hoyt Yee.

He said that the US saw NATO invitation to Montenegro, signing the accession protocol and the fact that Montenegro will attend the Warsaw Summit as an observer as very important progress of the country.

“This is a sign that the reforms implemented by Montenegro over the past several years have produced results and that it is worth to continue the current hard work. We believe that Montenegro is on the right track and we want to continue to work with it. We also hope that, in cooperation with us and other allies, the country will strengthen the rule of law and its institutions and improve the business environment in order to have a bright future”, Hoyt Yee said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro