Hungary ratifies the Protocol on Accession

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Hungarian parliament ratified today the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO.

Chairman of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants, prof. Dr. Miodrag Vukovic, at the invitation of the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament of Hungary Zsolt Nemeth, attended the formal session.

Chairing the session, Istvan Jakab, welcomed the Montenegrin delegation in his address, particularly the Chairman of the Committee, Miodrag Vukovic.

“Having established that there are no objections to the text of the Protocol, Hungarian parliamentarians ratified the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO with 180 votes in favor and one abstention”, a statement from the Assembly read.

Besides Mr. Vukovic, the ceremonial session was attended by Vesko Garčević, national coordinator for NATO and Mirsad Bibović, Ambassador of Montenegro in Hungary.

Hungary is the third member state of NATO which confirmed the Protocol, right after Iceland and Slovenia.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro