I apologize for Muhovic

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The leader of the Bosniak Party (BS) and Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Rafet Husovic, apologized to the citizens of Montenegro, whose feelings were hurt by statements of certain members of the BS.

We remind, the President of the Municipal Assembly of Petnjica Adnan Muhovic stated that Njegos’s was the biggest enemy of Islam, and that there are more Bosniaks in Tuzla canton then there is Montenegrins in the world.

“Probably some members of the Bosniak Party (BS) with their statements and actions hurt the feelings of citizens or contributed to raising tensions, and it is why, as president of the Bosniak Party, I apologize to the citizens of Montenegro. In addition, I have made an appeal to all members of the Bosniak Party to refrain from such comments that may contribute to the violation of the civil character of Montenegro and the diminution of multi-national and multi-religious harmony, ” said Husovic.

He said he would not respond to unjustified attacks on the Bosniak Party and its leadership.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro