I expect stable government after the elections



The president of the Bosniak Party (BS) Rafet Husovic said that he expects Montenegro to get a stable government, after the elections on the 16 October, in order to fulfill key state projects and goals in four-year term.

He also said that all parties that share their program commitments are their potential partners after the elections.

“After some political turbulence,we expect Montenegro to get a stable government and implement all key objectives of the state”, the leader of the BS said.

Husovic, who is head of the electoral list of this party, said they had collected 5,000 signatures, although, as a minority list, it was enough 1000.

He added that list includes the young and educated people, stressing that they complied with the quota relating to the representation of women.

“We expect a better election result than in 2012. If we make a growth of only five percent, we will have a safe fourth term,” Husovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro