‘’I expect victory of Brajovic’’

Deputy Prime Minister and member of the SDP Vujica Lazovic said that he expected victory of Ivana Brajovic at the party congress which would be held on June 3. 2015. At the same time, as he said, he expected there would be a split in the SDP.

By supporting Brajovic, Lazovic says, is a clear demonstration of what he thinks about leadership of Ranko Krivokapic. When it comes to foreign investment, Lazovic said that “without foreign investments and a rapid, dynamic and aggressive economic development, there is no salvation for Montenegro.”
At the opening of a new Telenor technical building, SDP vice-president said that every development carries risk and a willingness to take responsibility.

Speaking about whether a senior official of SDP, he feels like a brakeman of economic development, Lazovic said in the party ” was extra cautious because of the bad experience with some bad investors.”

“I think that in Montenegro we have no party divisions on this issue. We differ on the political scene as individuals in terms that, on one side, we have those in favor of highway construction, modernization of railways, airport expansion and construction of hotel capacities of high category, and on the other side are those who are sitting in the office and talking about morality, justice and freedom, ” Lazovic said.

Lazovic pointed out that Montenegro should turn to fast economic development or, otherwise, it will remain on the fringe of civilization and on the periphery of the European Union (EU).

Speaking on Mamula, Lazovic says that we should wait and see how this issue will be resolved in the Parliament.

“My personal attitude is that we created a happy combination, that is good symbiosis of tourist valorization and protection of historical and cultural heritage. In the long term, as time has shown us, a historical monument came to the brink of devastation and, we didn’t have enough resources and capacity to prevent it, ” Lazovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro