I want to return confidence in the RTCG

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The newly elected General Director of Radio Television of Montenegro, Andrijana Kadija, has said that her long-term goal is to make the public service an institution with dignity.

Kadija was elected director-general RTCG after three rounds of voting, yesterday.

“I want employees to be proud for working in the public service, I want to regain their satisfaction and trust of citizens,” Kadija said.

She added that she would try to fulfill what was promised through the program and a production plan.

“My wish is to enrich the program and I will try to bring to an end what I stated in the making I bring to an end in the best possible way,” she said.

She pointed out that the voting results surprised her because she did not expect the title of Director General.

“Although I submitted documents, I was surprised with the results. I am grateful to Council for having trust in me.” Kadija said.

She has stressed that she is aware that she has to be careful and responsible.

” I will try to do and to give my best. It would be judged by the citizens and employees,” she concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro