I will defend the integrity of MPs

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MP and leader of the Positive Darko Pajovic was elected President of the Parliament of Montenegro. 42 MPs voted for selection of Pajovic to the position.

No MP has voted against and there were no abstentions. The opposition did not take the ballots nor attended the act of taking the oath. Pajovic was elected by secret ballot which was preceded by a one-day debate.

After being sworn in Pajovic said that the dialogue among political actors is necessary and that now is the time to unblock the work of the Parliament. Pajovic urged those who voted for him and those who did not to cooperate.

“Differences of opinion are being democracy. But for democracy to be alive and useful for the people we all have to learn to listen to each other, not only to convince each other of the correctness of our political and ideological point of view. It is simply called dialogue, and dialogue involves two parties, the one who sends and the one who receives the information. As President of the Parliament I will do everything in my power to strengthen the dialogue.’’

Pajovic also said that he would do everything to suppress and prevent certain practices that do not favor the authority of the Parliament nor the reputation of the country in the eyes of citizens and representatives of the international community.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro