I will deposit 24 million when CEAC withdraws lawsuits

The owner of the Aluminum Plant Veselin Pejovic, has prepared 24 million Euros, which, according to the privatization contract for the purchase of the factory he is obliged to pay up to 10 March.

The funds will, as he said in an interview with Radio Montenegro, be deposited, provided that the CEAC, the former owner, withdraws numerous lawsuits.

Pejovic will request that assets of the factory has no mortgage, in order to register it under the name of his company “Uniprom”, without load and restrictions.

Pejovic is categorical that the KAP in a couple of years would be among Europe’s leading aluminum companies.

Uniprom from Niksic has taken over management of the KAP on July 10 last year, and in the sales contract, which Veselin Pejovic made with the bankruptcy trustee Veselin Perisic, it is agreed that the money for the purchase of the factory is to be paid within 60 days.

However, after the expiry of the set deadline, Uniprom has paid four million, and Pejovic and Perisic concluded an annex to the contract that stipulates that the deadline for payment of the remaining 24 million is postponed for a period of six months, and at the same time the contract on technical cooperation is extended, that is, further management over KAP is allowed.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro