I will not support a new majority in the Parliament

President of Positive Montenegro Party, Darko Pajović said that his party would not support the formation of some new majority in the Parliament, which would be contrary to the expressed will of citizens.

“The formation of unprincipled majority that would be contrary to the democratically expressed will of the voters in the elections, and to be clear, by that I mean the formation of a new government coalition that formed the government, is something that is contrary to the democratic principles and will not be supported by our side”, said Pajovic in an interview with daily ‘’Pobjeda’’.

President of Positive party rejected accusations of a part of the opposition that having common foreign policy priorities with the DPS means they want to sell themselves to the strongest party.

“They would prefer we never enter the EU and NATO only to see DPS fall from power. We believe EU and NATO membership is more important than who is in power”, said Pajovic.

He also commented about potential partners for the achievement of these two objectives:

“We, as responsible politicians, have defined Euro-Atlantic integration and the rule of law as priorities. We follow a political vision which is more important to us than political partners or competitors. If partners or competitors can help us with realization of one or both goals, we are offering our hand. You know, when you have a political vision, it makes sense to do politics. If your only vision is to come to power or maintain it, it is difficult to have partnerships on such principles. I call on all political actors to join us in achieving this vision. You can keep all the laurels of success but join us in the fight for this vision. I want us all to imagine a rich, successful Montenegro, which is EU and NATO member, a country ruled by law and justice, and the country in which citizens come first. Anyone who is willing to work towards this vision is our potential partner”, said Pajovic.

Pajovic recently said his party agrees on key foreign policy objectives with the DPS and that it will not cooperate with parties that are against the NATO and EU integration. Part of the opposition interpret that as offering themselves to the DPS.

“What has been said is our position and we will not deviate from it. It’s true, we won’t cooperate with parties that are against the EU and NATO. I do not understand how and why the parties that are against the EU and NATO are angry because of this attitude? Isn’t it reasonable to not side with those who have different strategic goals? It is clear that these parties wanted us just so that they could come to power. I repeat, between Montenegro’s membership in the EU and NATO or power, we choose membership in EU and NATO. Period! How many times do I have to repeat this and how much clearer can I be in this position? What is unclear here!? Again, it is true, we said both DPS and SDP as parties are our first partners when it comes to Euro-Atlantic integration. Again, I do not understand what is so controversial here? Opposition’s interpreting of this attitude as our offering to the DPS is the classic spinning case they regularly use.

Thus, in their opinion, we shouldn’t support EU or NATO integration if DPS does, or in other words, if we support same causes we are traitors, because we won’t help the opposition to topple DPS”, said Pajovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro